GREDE NEW CASTLE INC Ladle Tender in NEW CASTLE Indiana United States

Follows work rules and procedures by reading company policies, standard operating procedures, safety bulletins, one-point lessons, quality alerts and follows these policies and standard work procedures at all times.Maintains basic computer skills by checking computer files for final chemistry results; fills alloy buckets with alloys needed and places ingredients into the ladle in order to control the quality of finished goods.Maintains quality by taking metal composition sample to the Lab, the lab will transfer the information to the computer located in the alloy area; the computer information will tell you if or what alloys need to be added; rechecks until it is correct.Maintains saftey by reviewing safety procedures and follows safe work procedures, such as, lock out- tag out safety procedures in order to reduce on the job injuries; following company directive "no operation shall be carried out until safety is assured.Reads and interprets work orders and instructions in order to determine work assignments, process specifications, and production schedules.Recognize various alloys by sight or from alloy tags attached to materials; weighs alloys based on what needs to be added and places them in the alloy buckets.Recognize various alloys by sight or from or from alloy tags attached to materials.Work safely to prevent on the job injuries by understanding the dangers involved with high voltage electricity.Check metal composition, if metal is not within specification, ask supervisor what needs to be added and then recheck composition until it is correct.Determine the alloy needed for each job by reading process sheet or job cards.Keep work area clean and clear of all work hazards to avoid workplace accidents.Maintains records by completing the Alloy Treatment record; listing the line #, shift, operator, date and the alloys that have been added and totals materials used at the bottom of the sheet.Operates ladle by first understanding all safety features, operating controls, start up and shut down procedures in order to safely operate the ladle.Works in teams by helping inexperienced co-worker learn the basic knowledge required to safely catch molten iron.Check samples of the alloy every half hour, correct ingredients as necessary.Checks for revisions daily by reading the process daily to ensure that if a revision has been made from a previous shift it will be followed. Cleans work area and ladle daily by removing build up in ladle and sweeping the work area.Follows safety procedures by wearing personal protective equipment, such as, safety glasses, steel toed shoes, work gloves, ear plugs, etc.Maintains equipment by cleaning the ladle at the designated time and records when the ladle was cleaned with a check mark.Maintains safe work environment by taking required training such as, blood borne pathogens, first aid, safety, hearing, PPE, confined space and hazardous communications training.Maintains safety by attending annual OSHA meetings on safety issues, including fire protection.Maintains safety by visually checking ladle tracker daily and completes check list on the computerObserves chemical readout to determine if alloy composition is correct by sending sample to spectrometer operator to check alloy composite.Operates fork truck in a safe manner, moving raw and finished goods within the work place and when loading or unloading trucks.Supports safety and sanitation regulations by demonstrating ladle operations, housekeeping requirements and safety procedures to new employees.Troubleshoots work-related problems by discussing issues with co-workers, quality and production supervisor in order to find solution to manufacturing problems when they occur.Works in teams by catching molten iron in the ladle and taking the ladle to the line to pour.WorkKeys scores of OB: 4, LI: 4, RFI: 3 and AM: 3. Employer prefers previous work history of 12 months but will consider inexperienced candidates.